The Flo Rida guide to living large

We be creeping on Flo Rida’s Instagram to pick up some tips and tricks on living the life of a gazillionaire R&B star

When you’ve sold over 80 million records worldwide, you’d be forgiven for having a teensy bit of a baller attitude. That’s why we can’t hate on one of our fave guys, Flo Rida, for living his best life on the ‘gram, especially as we’ve loved him ever since that epic sky dive over The Palm Jumeirah in his video for Wild Ones.
As he heads to the capital to perform at MAD Yas Island on Friday March 30, we checked in with the Low star’s Instagram to bring you Flo Rida’s guide to living large (80 million record sales not essential to achieving this lifestyle, but generally advisable)…

1 Caption: Perch on the hood of your supercar. Bonus points for being on the phone and having excellent dental work.

2 Caption: Dress like Batman villain Bane at the gym.

3 Caption: Rock the Gucci.

4 caption: When catching the Miami Heat, always be courtside.

5 caption: Employ someone just to hold open the door of your ride for Insta pics.

6 caption: Show off expensive dentistry again, this time in impressive chair.

7 caption: Keep it real – even in a Gucci headband – by having things like wheely bins and small family hatchbacks in the background of your pics.

8 caption: Travel everywhere by private jet. Even to the supermarket.

9 caption: Hang out with man-turned-meme, Salt Bae.

10 caption: Be generally low-key when it comes to accessorising.

Good luck being as awesome as Flo Rida!

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Source: Instagram @official_flo

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